Chlamydia Info

This section gives you all you need to know about chlamydia and gonorrhoea: the signs and symptoms, how to avoid it, what to do if you think you have it.

Chlamydia Info

Checkurself is an NHS online service offering free home chlamydia tests to men and women aged 16-24 years old and living in London. The kit you will receive will be the same one used at your local Reproductive & Sexual Health Clinic (STI Clinic).

Because we are part of the NHS, your kit and any chlamydia treatment you may need will be completely FREE and, because we provide a pre-paid envelope, you don't even have to pay to post your sample back to us.

To request a free home chlamydia test kit you must:
  • Be aged 16 to 24
  • Be living in London - to check whether you do, go to our Contact Page.
  • You can only request a Chlamydia screening postal kit for yourself.
What happens if I don't get treated for chlamydia?

Without appropriate treatment, Chlamydia can spread to other parts of the body causing damage and serious long-term complications.

In women

Chlamydia can spread to other organs in the reproductive system causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This can lead to complications such as pain in the lower abdomen, scarred or blocked fallopian tubes, infertility and ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the womb).

In men

Chlamydia can lead to a painful infection in the testicles (balls), possible reduced fertility and an inflammation of the prostate gland in some men.

In men and women

Inflammation / swelling of the joints can occur. This might be accompanied by inflammation of the urethra (tube from the bladder to the outside of the body) and the eye (known as Reiter's syndrome). However, this is rare and more common in men than women.

Will I know how long I've had the infection?

A positive test result does not tell you how long someone has been infected. Some people get no symptoms at all or they can appear a long time after being exposed to chlamydia.

How did I get chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection. It can be caught by having vaginal, oral or anal sex; or sharing sex toys.

How do I protect myself against getting chlamydia?

By always having safer sex - using condoms. Other contraceptives, such as using the coil, the pill or the implant etc, will only stop you getting pregnant; they won't stop you catching an infection.

Using a condom for all types of sex can greatly reduce the risk of picking up chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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  • Very grateful for this easy, cost-free service, especially as private sites are charging youngsters in excess of 30 pounds for a kit.

    ~ Bromley Resident Visitor
  • Very happy with this service. Safe way to get tested if you don't have the confidence to go to a clinic. Really straight forward and results are quick.

    ~ Lambeth Visitor
  • This is a great website and congratulations for optimising it for mobile. it was really easy to navigate around and the game was fun too. the legal stuff about privacy was also easy to understand so thanks for that too.

    ~ Hounslow Visitor