Here you'll find a list of links to local and national sexual health services.

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The following links are for your local Borough website where you can find out about the health services in your area.

Bexley Council

Ealing Council

Royal Borough of Greenwich

Hackney Council

Haringey Council

Hillingdon Council

Hounslow Council

Lewisham Council

National links

Newham Council

Sex worth talking about- Talking about sex doesn't have to be as difficult as you think. Whether it's knowing about your contraceptive choices, explaining STIs, coping with emotions or understanding your body, you'll find straightforward information and advice to make it easier to discuss everything to do with sexual health, right here. - Provides confidential information and advice on contraception and sexual health. You can also get details of family planning clinics and sexual health services anywhere in the UK. - a wide range of top-quality condoms and lubricants at low prices. All of products conform to British (BSI) and European (CE) standards. - Confidential sexual health advice. Find out your rights in relation to sex, find out sexual health facts and the play 'the defender' game.

LGBT Foundation - Lesbian and Gay Foundation - Over 100 pages on HIV/AIDS, including sections aimed specifically at young people. - Offers support to people living with HIV, if you know someone who is, or if you think you might be at risk from HIV. Provides information on details of services. - Answers questions about contraception, sexually transmitted infections and generally safer sexual health - Website contains A-Z information on pregnancy, termination and provides advice on options for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. - Confidential information and advice for children and young people on any issue. Information and advice on genital infections and other health problems that are sometimes particularly things that people find difficult and are embarrassed to talk about. A website resource for professionals and young people alike which includes over 40 recorded interviews with young people talking about a variety of issues affecting them, including sexual health. - A website providing sexual health services to all those living in Greenwich. This includes free condoms, free morning after pill and Free STI Test - Bexley's Sexual Health Website is a one-stop website providing all Bexley residents with comprehensive information and advice on sexual health. - METRO is a leading equality & diversity charity, providing health, community & youth services across London & the South East & national & international projects. METRO works with anyone experiencing issues related to gender, sexuality, diversity or identity. - We offer services tailored for men who have sex with men in Greenwich. Whatever you need to look after your sexual and general health, you're sure to find it here.

General Health - The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is an independent body that protects the health and well-being of the population.



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  • Very grateful for this easy, cost-free service, especially as private sites are charging youngsters in excess of 30 pounds for a kit.

    ~ Bromley Resident Visitor
  • Very useful, helped me and my gf discover we have chlamydia. Thx NHS

    ~ Bexley Visitor
  • This is a great service. More places in the UK need this to encourage young people to get tested!

    ~ Lambeth Visitor